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Some states and accrediting organizations prohibit direct hiring arrangements.  Please check with the state or give us a call.

Candidate 5139


Job Experience:  Worked for over 20 years

English Fluency:  100%

Availability:  Available hourly 5 days

  • Chores: Laundry, shopping, cleaning, ironing, cooking, housekeeping, other

  • Assistance:  Keeping Company, dressing, personal hygiene, eating, walker, cane, bed bound, wheelchair, paralyzed, hygiene

  • Experience working with clients suffering from:  Alert, Alzheimers, communication impediments, 

  • Experience with illnesses such as Parkinson's, emphysema, respiratory conditions, high blood pressure, hip replacement, knee replacement, broken bones.

  • Can prepare: Regular, thickened liquids, blended, diabetic, microbiotic, vegetarian, kosher, allergic