Availability subject to state regulations.  Please contact us for more information.

Some states and accrediting organizations prohibit direct hiring arrangements.  Please check with the state or give us a call.

Candidate 5190

Job Experience:  Worked for 10 years


English Fluency:  100%


Licenses:  NY Registered Home Health Aide


Availability:  Available live-in 7 days, hourly

  • Chores: Laundry, shopping, cleaning, ironing, cooking, housekeeping, other

  • Assistance:  Keeping Company, Going for a walk, dressing, personal hygiene, eating, walker, cane, bed bound, wheelchair, paralyzed, hygiene

  • Experience working with clients suffering from:  Anxiety, depression, Alzheimer's, confusion, communication impediments, incontinence

  • Experience with illnesses such as diabetes, congestive heart failure, kidney failure, high blood pressure, arthritis, aneurysm, stroke, hip replacement, knee replacement, pacemaker, amputee, broken bones.

  • Working Knowledge of Recliner chair, oxygen tank, oxygen concentrator, cast, sliding board, hospital bed, shower chair, feeding tube, commode, urinal, catheter, bedpan, diaper, sugar level monitoring device

  • Can prepare: Regular, thickened liquids, blended, diabetic, low protein, low salt, low carbohydrates, lactose intolerance, raw foods, macrobiotic, vegetarian, kosher, allergic

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