Availability subject to state regulations.  Please contact us for more information.

Some states and accrediting organizations prohibit direct hiring arrangements.  Please check with the state or give us a call.

Candidate 5257


Job Experience:  20 years experience as a homemaker

English Fluency:  70%

Licenses:  none


Availability:  Available live-in 7 days

  • Chores:  laundry, cleaning, ironing, cooking, housekeeping.

  • Assistance:  keeping company, going for a walk, dressing, personal hygiene, eating,

  • Experience working with clients suffering from:  depressed, anxiety, confused, phobias, alzheimers, dementia, coma, speech and vision problems, using walker, cane, wheel chair and bed bound.

  • Experience with illnesses such as: cancer, diabetics, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, arthritis, stroke, with hip replacement, knee replacement, pacemaker.

  • Working Knowledge of: reclining chair, oxygen tank, shower chair, commode, urinal, catheter, diaper, Sugar Level Monitoring Device, Insuline Injection Device.

  • Can prepare: regular, thickened liquids, blended, diabetic, low protein, low salt, low carbohydrates, kosher, allergic.