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Application - Part 2: Hiring Agreement Template



The following form is a hiring agreement template.  The form will not be countersigned by ICONNEL until AFTER you have interviewed, made an offer for hire to a candidate from our agency, AND the candidate has accepted the offer and terms for hire. Therefore this agreement is a template only.  The official agreement with our counter-signature will contain revisions to the template below based on the agreed compensation between you and the candidate.  


The hiring agreement below will require that you enter payment information to secure the agency fees.  These fees will also not be charged to you until we countersign this agreement.  Compensation to your hired employee will be paid by you directly to him/her and is not paid through the payment information you will provide to us.


You may review the template offline by clicking here to download and print the agreement before proceeding.  You may return to this page in the future at any time if you wish to move forward.  Feel free to call us anytime if you have any questions.  Our phone number is 1-800-915-4266 or 646-415-8818.


Thank you.  We Will be in touch in 12 hours or less to review the application and set up appointments for interviews.  Please call us at 646-415-8818 if you have any questions. 

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