Estimated Cost Calculator and Comparison(NY State)

Estimated Cost for New York City residents is slightly higher.  Not available in New Jersey. 

Example is based on an estimated daily live-in rate of $220 net pay per day (Gross pay is $257.89 as shown)

* Administrative Outsourcing Fee is an optional service provided by our strategic partner who can take care of the paperwork and compliance for $50 per payroll process.  Ask us for details.


  1. NY requires that all employees are registered with the state 

  2. Must be familiar with the Employer's Guide to UI insurance, Wage Reporting and W/H Tax                                    

  3. Must  maintain an executed record of an  I-9 form for any hired employees (except intermittent)                                    

  4. Must satisfy state minimum requirements for sexual harrassment training:                                    

  5. NY State requires paid leave for at least 3 days per year                                    

  6. Domestic workers are covered for minimum wage and overtime wages. See the minimum wage schedule at You and your employer can agree on a higher rate of pay. If you don’t live in your employer’s home, you are entitled to overtime pay of 1 ½ times your regular rate of pay when you work more than 40 hours a week. If you live in your employer’s home, they must pay you overtime after 44 hours of work.                

  7. All caregivers are pre-screened and reference checked with full transparency and disclosure about the findings by the agency                                    

  8. 81% of costs go into the pocket of the caregiver in the above example.  This results in a higher quality, highly incented caregiver.                                    

  9. Administrative outsourcing provider will keep the family updated with any rule or regulatory changes related to labor laws, taxation, and healthcare.