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Hire Housekeepers and Homemakers Directly Using ICONNEL's Placement Services

Placement Services Average Costs


Your total cost varies because you negotiate the wages directly with your potential employee and the agency fee is calculated based on 10% of the mutually agreed-upon wage rate.  The total price range (including agency fees), based on our observation is as follows:


Live-in: $143-$209 per day, plus room and board. 

Hourly: $18.70-$22 per hour, minimum 4 hours per day, 5 days per week.


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Both rates include agency fees calculated at 10% of the rate listed above.  The employment arrangement with your candidate is considered “hire at will”, so you only pay for what they work.  However, the minimum fees for the agency is based on 4 weeks of employment.  Therefore, if you terminate services with your employee, we can provide you an alternate candidate for consideration, but if you terminate services with the agency completely within the first 4 weeks, we can only credit the unused portion of the agency fees, but not refund them.  Fees are billed perpetually on  a weekly basis after the 4th week in the event that you continue services with us.



  • The fee covers a continuous employment guarantee by ICONNEL for as long as assistance is required.

  • Service can be stopped any time and continued again depending on client’s changing needs.

  • We will replace your employee for vacation, holidays, weekends, personal days off. (This option is offered only to clients following the new fee schedule).

  • You can request an immediate replacement any time for example: when the employee’s performance is not satisfactory or when you need employee with different qualifications.

  • Weekend replacements: Conditions are as follows: Replacement personnel work between Friday night and Sunday night only. One week’s notice is required in order to provide the weekend relief.

  • Our candidates are introduced based upon their history of reliability in this line of work. You can view complete list of available candidates 24 hors/7days on line: or review original records when you visit our office.

  • We are always interested in hearing about your special needs and situations and we will do our best to accommodate you.



Hire Your Employee Online

  1. The Client, or the Client’s Power of Attorney (POA), presents a job proposal over our internet system. Our system will help the Client, or the Client’s POA, create a job description and complete the Agreement. The agreement should be based on a reasonable rate that a candidate earns on average.  (Live-in rate is $130/day, 5 days per week minimum, hourly candidate is $15 per hour, 4 hours per shift, 20 hours per week minimum). The Client, or the Client’s POA, can also attach helpful documents in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. Documents can be: 

    1. Advance Directives (Living Will)

    2. Copy of Power of Attorney document

    3. Client's past and present medical history (RN's evaluations, doctor's diagnosis, discharge information, etc.)

  2. An ICONNEL representative will review the list of candidates interested in the offer and give the Client, or the Client’s POA, an opportunity to modify the offer, if needed. The Client or Power of Attorney has the option to interview candidates at a location of their convenience prior to hiring, or offer the job to one of the candidates based on consultation discussion.  Modifications to the hiring agreement job intake form can be done anytime during the process by logging into the system using the e-mail address and application ID that was issued upon the original registration.  After reaching a mutual understanding, the hiring agreement is resubmitted using the same login information.  After receipt, an ICONNEL representative will send confirmation to the Client, or the Client’s POA, that the offer has been accepted. 

  3. A signed copy of the Agreement is forwarded to the Client, or the Client’s POA, with information regarding the Candidate, in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format. The Candidate becomes the direct employee of the Client or the Client’s POA and is available to start working immediately. Payment to ICONNEL will be processed as the last step of the hiring process. 


Hire Your Employee in Person

  1. Client or POA presents a job offer over the phone of fax and makes an appointment to visit ICONNEL office for interview with 3-4 candidates, who are interested in client’s offer.

  2.  The Client interviews the person(s) at the office of ICONNEL, INC. directly and selects the individual through an interview process. The goal of the interview process is to seek agreement and mutual understanding regarding scheduling, duties, and compensation. Helpful documents for the interview to make a job offer more complete: 

    1. Advance Directives (Living will) 

    2. Original Power of Attorney document (We will return this document to you). 

    3. Client’s past and present medical history (RN’s evaluations, doctors diagnosis, discharge information etc.) 

  3. When an offer is made by the Client, and the candidate accepts, the candidate becomes the direct employee of the Client. Candidate is available to start working for Client immediately.


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