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Be Generous

Great caregivers understand the calming effect of adopting the senses of an elderly person by moving slowly, adjusting the way you speak, and listening generously. This empathetic behavior can increase trust and a loving relationship more quickly because it clears the element of chaos from his/her nerves and allows them to focus on their thoughts. Some people may construe this as generous behavior. Others may construe this as not necessary, or even possible, because fatigue always brings on the default behavior of a person, and dedicated caregivers can work long hours at times. However, true generosity hardly plays against you because even if someone takes advantage of your ways, the result is revealing - revealing about the other person and revealing about yourself through the eyes of the other person. Anyone with a conscience will recognize, sense, and react to pride, greed and the other cardinal sins. Great caregivers utilize the appropriate amount of prudence, temperance, fortitude and justice to balance their generosity for the sake of providing the highest form of care humanly possible.

In another example, when the family of a senior neglects to stock the refrigerator with food, caregivers address the issue and worry about reimbursement later. It’s up to the client to sense these things as well, but if they continue to neglect, the job simply won’t last because everyone starves! Therefore an effective service arrangement has to be direct between the care giver and the cared, with mediation facilitated by the agency and the family. It builds trust quickly, because it promotes generosity.

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