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Storm Riders

During this hurricane season, we pray the safety of everyone, especially those who are not ambulatory and have trouble getting around. The storm from Florence reminds me of Sandy, and the amazing job the caregivers did during the power outage and all the floods. Many caregivers weathered to storm using equipment to prepare meals and take care of the immediate needs of their client to the point that the client wasn’t even aware of the situation. The children brought food and helped with their water and electrical needs wherever possible. The team effort between the agency, the family, and the caregiver really made a difference in such situations. Please do not forget to gas-up your car, check the health of your power generators, have plenty of water, food, and gas during this season. And most of all, have a way to communicate with your elderly, such as walkie talkies, Apple Watches, and Lifelines. God bless everyone, and peace be with you.

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