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Because every person matters.

Home care is not just about care in the home setting.  It's about living out a dignified life without waiting for other people to cater to you when it's convenient for them.  It's about family resolve and contentment of a loved one who desires to continue their independence and quality of living.  It's about a monitored lifestyle that isn't fancy or hotel-like.  It's about recognizing that care involves everyone including the family.

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We place senior care companions who promote high moral standards in a work and life environment.

The companions we have can work as a live-in or on an hourly basis.  Their availability depends on your job offer and location.

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Pilgrim House

We are working to provide a convent facility for temporary shelter and housing for Pilgrims and companions who are in between working assignments.

Enjoy a place where people who have to live away from home can continue to follow the Catholic teachings and grow spiritually.

3rd Annual Corpus Christi Solemn Mass, P

We are in the process of building a book store of lost manuscripts, books and publications to preserve, educate, and share the knowledge of Poland's historical past, their social construct, and how it helped influence the world to build a society based on Catholic principals.  

Zascianek Polish Manor House

Polish Manor Houses were one of the most impressive characteristics of the Polish countryside.  Zascianek describes the smallest Polish Manor House, having a literal meaning Behind the Wall - closest to the guarding wall, like Avant-guard-front line soldiers. 

Zascianek 1876 Lithograph background - 4

This magazine will support our publication library initiative by realigning incorrect and misleading information published around the world today in textbooks and commercial media by presenting authentic and original documents, articles, sections of books, literature which has been neglected, lost, or not made public by mass media. You will see, that there is very little reason to boast any socio-political issues today as new because the reality is that our modern-day experiences are tragically being repeated.

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1120 Avenue of the Americas

4th Floor

New York, NY  10036

Tel: 646-415-8818 or 1-800-915-4266

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