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Placing Compassionate, Responsible, Mature Private Duty Domestic Employees for our Seniors and their Families on 24 Hour Live-in or Hourly Basis since 1992.

Caregiver Program

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Subscribing to our service gives you access privileges to several dedicated and pre-screened candidates who are available to help you immediately. We have live-in domestic workers who can relocate anywhere in the United States. 


Our candidates are different in many ways. Over half of our candidates have higher degrees, and many additional have vocational and technical degrees.  Many have a significant amount of experience working in this profession.  Of all incoming placement applicants to our agency, only 1% meet our strict ICONNEL standards.  


Our role is to help you to find the best person for the job, minimize aggravation, save money, and most importantly, save time. 

We also offer employer set up, payroll, and tax compliance outsourcing services as an additional add-on option to the placement services of caregivers through our agency.  It’s another way to combat the status quo of institutionalized home health care in our tri-state area which requires all licensed agencies to employ their caregivers causing a demographic and economic mismatch that is not focused around a client’s needs.  This reduces your choice of suitable and desirable caregivers.

ICONNEL’s solution has always worked by providing you with a higher caliber of healthcare professionals by putting 80-90% of what you pay into the pocket of your caregiver of choice.  The good news is that all maintenance fees paid to ICONNEL are also tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the IRS.


1.  Fill Out Some Forms

Paperwork - ugh!  But we need this to initiate the interview process.  Click on the "Hire Your Employee Online" button above to complete the forms we need.  You can also call us to request the forms to be faxed, e-mailed, or mailed to you.

2.  Schedule Interviews

We will contact you shortly upon receipt of your forms to schedule interviews with a short list of candidates for consideration.  You can also request to meet anyone of interest from here.

3.  Offer a Job

If any candidate suits your needs and seems like an overall good fit, let us know who you'd like to hire.  You are under no obligation to keep anyone, and you can always change the person anytime.

4.  Hired Person Starts Working 

We will coordinate and arrange the time and location based on your needs.  You pay your employee directly for their work.

Candidates available now!

ICONNEL follows the personalist norm described by Karol Wojtyla (St. John Paul II) in his book Love and Responsibility:

This norm, in its negative aspect, states that the person is the kind of good which does not admit of use and cannot be treated as an object of use and as such the means to an end. In its positive form the personalistic norm confirms this: the person is a good towards which the only proper and adequate attitude is love.

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