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Medicare may be free to you but you also get nothing

True story: There was a lady with slight memory problems (the client) who had a caregiver who took care of her. The client had private insurance and the caregiver relies on Medicaid and Medicare. One day, the caregiver was scheduled for major surgery to remove a tumor and a kidney. In the meantime, the client fainted during Mass at her church. The caregiver was released home after 48 hours post-surgery in tremendous pain, barely able to move, and was ordered nursing and home care by the doctor. The hospital also required the caregiver’s agreement that she was to use ONLY the hospital designated home care agency. The nurse showed up the next day, evaluated the caregiver and concluded that the caregiver needs nothing. A day later, the caregiver developed an infection. The caregiver’s family fought the agency to do another assessment. The next day, a nurse showed and ordered the caregiver to go to Quest Diagnostics to get a blood and urine sample. The barely ambulatory caregiver did that. As the infection grew, the doctor’s appointment to review and give a diagnosis was three days later. The caregiver shows up to the appointment, and the nurse practitioner stated that the caregiver had a urinary tract infection and texted her over her mobile phone that they had changed her prescription. The caregiver never met her primary physician, and to this day, does not know what he looks like. She was given no additional home care order. Meanwhile, the client who fainted in the church was discharged from the hospital within a few hours, and was sent home with home care and physical therapy. The caregivers for the client was constantly worried for her welfare. One day, a nurse asked the client, “Who’s going to take care of you?” The client and her family pointed to the caregiver in her bed, “This is my caregiver. She just had her kidney surgery.

Type and search for Medicare horror stories for more stories like mine.

ICONNEL is not free, but we don’t take tax dollars and turn them into nothing. We provide you with solid, compassionate, safe and reliable care. God bless you all. – Zena.

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