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Protecting the Mother from Her Son

One day, we received a call from a man who needed help to take care of his mother. He hired a capable caregiver who lasted two days. He hired a second capable caregiver soon after, who also lasted only two days. We then sent our durable soldier. She is a quiet yet focused caregiver who performed wonderfully at her job but reported to us that her son was constantly drunk, partying, and having strangers over. When he was sober, he cried to the caregiver and asked for forgiveness about how he treated his mother throughout the years. The caregiver was reserved, patient, and listened and provided comfort where she could, but over the course of time, she ended up spending a disproportionate amount of time listening to him while providing care for his mother. The nightly partying routine in the son’s bedroom continued for two months while his mother and the caregiver remained in the living room quietly. Two months passed, and we get a call from the caregiver stating that this case was too heavy and stressful, and that she had quit. Sometimes the family members need more care than the client, and the caregiver and agency has to be very diplomatic about staying on scope with the care.

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