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Take Care of Our Parents in the Same Way You Would Want Your Children to Take Care of You

When you were a child, do you remember learning by copying everything your mom or dad did? We observed every move they made, everywhere they went, everyone they spoke to. As we matured, we may think that we are no longer as observant as we used to be, as we rebelled in our teenage years, moved out of the house, etc.

Yet, in troubled times, we sometimes resort to imagining how our parent(s) would have handled a particularly difficult situation. In the meantime, guess who’s watching you?

Maybe your kids?

In most circumstances, it will be ideal for them to take care of us. So if it’s not to God, let’s at least be a good example for our kids. Let’s take care of our parents in a way that will allow you to say that you really did your very best.

She taught me swimming and cross country biking.
She taught me swimming and cross country biking.

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