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We’ve Got to Move it Move it…

Updated: Jul 11, 2018

My business partner hosting his precious mother in law who came to visit for a week. When he came to work, he was very tired, and I asked him what was going on. He answered that he’s happy to spend the wonderful moments with his extended family, but that the slight change in the daily routine during the holidays was testing his endurance, but he slept like a log at night. My business partner is middle aged. I thought about what he said, because I realized that he’s in decent shape, so the stress must be mostly emotional, or mental. We all know that the older we get, the more sensitive we become to the slightest changes in our daily routine. It’s human nature. Therefore, it is obvious that there will be a point in a senior’s life when it will be too late to move and the choices of enjoying the wonderful golden years become increasingly limited. In Poland, we say “Don’t move the old trees because they will die” unless you take part of the planet with it. Of course, trees are not humans, but trees also live, and they are precious too. We often focus on ourselves before our parents during our years of accumulation, and it’s very easy to miss that small window of opportunity to relocate parents to a place where the future will feel more in place and secure for all. Let us not do the same with ourselves and our kids. Let’s remind ourselves about the positive power of taking initiative to deal with the stresses now, before they become too big to handle. As for my business partner, thank you for letting me share some of his personal moments on this blog. I will lend him my helmet that I use when I see my mom.

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